Badge of Honour

18 10 2008

I guess you could say I’m a proud Uncle.  We’re babysitting my nephew Jack again today, and inside five minutes of having him, he puked on my shoulder.

Kind of gross perhaps.  But I was actually sort of disappointed last time I was visiting when he was a week old, that I didn’t get puked on.  Now I have been.

Fortunately, it was before I’d had my morning shower, so clean up wasn’t an issue, and even more fortunately, he’s not quite fully on solid foods, so a milk puke isn’t as gross as when an adult does it.

Overall though, he’s just a sweet natured, bubbly, full of life, gorgeous child.  He obviously takes after his Uncle.

Yes yes!  I know, I’m biased, and completely taken with the kid.

But best run, stuff to be done, and friends to catch up with.