A day behind…

19 10 2008

That’s what my blog is.  I’ve posted every day, religiously.  But I forgot to update the time zones, so the last few days of blogging while accurate, appear for a day that is incorrect.

Eg:  I’m typing this entry for Sunday in Australia, but it’ll post according to the timezone I live in in America, so will appear as Saturday.  I guess I should fix it, but right now I’m being lazy.

So, Sunday.

The day started off quietly enough, a small sleep in, then it was off to the wineries with friends, to meet more friends.  In all there were five of us, myself, Sanda, her husband Chris, Jamie and David.

To make the day even better we sat down to a fantastic 4 course spread with appropriately paired wines.

Great company, great food, great wine, a brilliant day!

Now I’m home, I’ve forsaken dinner, as I’m not really hungry, and I’m fairly sure today’s food effort has more than accounted for my day’s calories, and I’m mentally preparing myself for a morning of exercise.  Gentle, non-back injuring exercise.  I’m in quite a bit of discomfort with my back since the long flight home to Australia.

Time to take a pill, heat up the wheat bag, and settle in for the night.