It’s really Monday…

20 10 2008

I went to visit my Nan today.  This was the part of my trip I’ve been looking forward to.

The whole reason I’m back in Australia is for my Nan’s 90th birthday.  My whole family knew I was coming back, except that is, my Nan.

Today, my Mum, sister Kate, nephew Jack and I went around to visit my Nan, they entered the room first and started chatting, I waited outside for a little while before walking in and surprising her.

A surprise she loved, and what’s not to love?! 😉

She was so happy to see me, and likewise I to see her.  So that’s all of the family now.  It’s great to be home.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been back almost a week already.

Must run for now though, it’s been a huge day and I’m totally exhausted.