Monday Plus One

21 10 2008

Or Tuesday…  I have no idea, on my computer one thing is displayed, and I believe on my blog it’s another.
I’m sure someone will work it out.  I don’t really care from this point on, I’m just continuing to blog daily.

Despite my hoping that yesterday would be the last of my retail forays for a little while, today saw me heading off back to the stores.  Primarily to get items for my grandmothers pending birthday party.

Of course there were groceries to be bought as well.  It’s nice to be back in a country where I know all the products, and where to find them.  It’d bloody brilliant to have access to things like my favourite deodorants, soaps, and for Mark, that I have access to buying masses of Country Mints.  A lollie that he loves.

Otherwise, it’s been relatively uneventful.  The sun is out, although it’s quite cool.

I think I’ll leave today as a quiet day, and tomorrow can be a more productive day with catching up with people.





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