Convenient laziness

22 10 2008

Today has been another huge day.  After a late night last night, followed by an early start to have breakfast with a friend, it was off to catch up with friends all day.

Up and down the freeway enough times to finally warrant having to get fuel for the car.

That’s where the first shock came in.  Back in America, you can fill your car and pay for fuel without ever having to go into the cashier as their are payment options at the pump.  Something not so readily available in Australia.  Usually I wouldn’t have minded, but the queue for the cashier was very long, and the cashier’s speed was in direct opposition to the expectations of those in said queue.

The second shock…  The price of fuel.  Everyone in America bitches regularly over how much fuel costs.  I’ve regularly pointed out how much cheaper it is in comparison to Australia, but until now, I’ve not had to purchase fuel.  So I was kind of horrified to realise that it cost the same price (not taking into account conversions, as that would make it even more expensive) to fill the Mazda I’m driving in Australia as it would to fill our 4WD in America.

Eek!  Oh well, the upside is the fuel efficiency of the Mazda is a lot better.

That’s it for me though, I’m absolutely exhausted, and I’m off to crawl into bed.




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