Just passing…

23 10 2008

It’s been a totally full on day today.

I was up early and made breakfast for Mum and Dad.
Freshly squeezed orange juice, dill scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and toast.

Took off to take my Nan out for lunch at the local Pub, then a leisurely grocery shopping trip with her, before taking her home, helping her unpack, then connecting her DVD player for her.  She’s moved in recent months and it hadn’t been reconnected.  Kissed her goodbye and then went and visited with my sister Kate and nephew Jack.

A couple of hours of high jinx where I fed Jack, dripped water all over him so I could laugh at him wiping it off, squirted milk and water from a distance into his open mouth.  A method of drinking he loves, and handy for when he’s not entirely interested in a bottle, and not nearly as messy as you may imagine.  He actually opens his mouth, catches the drink and swallows without dribbling.  Not too shabby for a kid not quite 7 months old.

Burped him, played with him, shot home and organised dinner for Mum and Dad.

Not the entire meal.  Mum made fish patties, and I supplemented them with roasted cherry tomatoes in a balsamic vinegar reduction, green mixed herb salad, and watermelon, feta, olive and lime salad.

Now I’m full, in need of a good burp, and about to grab roughly an hours sleep before I head off to the next part of the evening.