Hey Baby!

2 11 2008

Congratulations to Amy and Phil on the birth of their son Keiran overnight.  A bouncing baby boy at 10.30pm on November 1st.

Woohoo!   Hopefully I’ll get to meet him in person before I fly back to America.  It’ll be nice to put the face to the writhing bump I felt only a week ago.

Much health and happiness to the three of you!

In other news…  Today was my nephew’s Christening, and I’m officially a Godfather.  Keep the jokes to yourself, or you’ll receive a horses head in your bed! 😛

Congratulations Jack, Kate and Trevor!  A day in the church and the roof didn’t even fall in.

I also got to catch up with some friends today.  Peter, Ian, Bianca and Bryce…  A very productive day, and now it’s time for a nice hot shower and bed before Monday arrives and I start over again.

This week is going to be huge, as this time next week, I’ll be checked into the Airport Hilton in Melbourne, settling in for the evening before I fly out the following morning.

How soon the time passes.





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