Glad that’s over!

5 11 2008

AND I’m not referring to the US Presidential elections, although I’m glad that’s over too.

Quite some time ago I saw a blue sticker with to parallel yellow rectangles in it on a passing car.  I had no idea what it symbolised, and noone I asked knew either.  Then I saw another car, and another car over the passing of time, all with these same stickers on them, and still, noone could tell me what they were for.

Had any of the cars been parked, I’d have asked the driver, but that wasn’t the case.

However, today, while searching through my email inbox for something totally unrelated, I stumbled across an unread blog entry from YarravillePaul, a man whose blog I’ve subscribed to for quite some time (but because I’m slack haven’t been keeping up to date with…  Sorry Paul!) and got a clue that lead me to solving my query.

The image is for Equality, and it’s been driving me nuts for ages, now, I can rest easy.  My quest has been completed.

I wonder…  Will the new President of the United States support the meaning of the sticker…?

I guess we’ll see, I’m just glad it’s over.



3 responses

6 11 2008

I guess one has to question the value of such a symbol if it is so hard to discover the meaning of it. I had no idea what it was.

6 11 2008

It is actually the symbol for the Human Rights Campaign, and because of that, I hope Obama doesn’t support the organization behind the sticker, but embraces the concept of equality for all. I’ve been anti-HRC since the 2005 Constitutional Amendment here in Texas where HRC *snubbed* the organizers at their annual black tie dinner, and basically refused to support the efforts to defeat the amendment.

Hope the trip to Oz is continuing well 🙂

8 11 2008

Huh, I’m surprised you were having a hard time figuring out what the equals sign meant… Seems like they send me some sort of donations plea all the time lol.

As for Barack, he at least mentioned gay equality in his acceptance speech… We’ll see if he can actually do anything…

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