Ooooh Special!

10 11 2008

I’m all checked in and settled in the Qantas Business Class Lounge now, and pretty damn chuffed.

There were a couple of small hiccups this morning, but nothing worth worrying about, especially after I share the best part later in this post.

Anyway, I got out of the Hotel okay, survived the trip to the airport.  Across the road from the Hotel. 😉
Checked in without any issues, inclusive of the third suitcase that I had to purchase to take back all the bags of lollies that Mark’s family bought for him.  First hiccup, I can’t have an exit seat!  Argh!  I did get my next preference of an aisle seat though.

Next hiccup, I tried to pass through the International Departure doors and the officer tried to tell me my bag was too heavy.  I explained that I’m a Gold Level flyer and that it shouldn’t be a problem, but he still sent me back to the Check-in desks.  Oh well, no point getting upset, I made sure I checked in early to counter this sort of thing.
Back at the desk, the lovely girl at the counter pointed out that he should have asked if I was carrying a computer, as laptop weight should not be included in the bag weight.  Oh well.  To counter further problems she tied a tag to my bag identifying it as Gold Level luggage.  Pretty special.  You’d think.  Essentially I have a membership to a frequent flying program, it accumulates points, as most do.  Since I’ve done so much flying in recent years I now get a few perks.  Extra luggage and lounge access are a couple of them.  That’s more than enough for me.
There’s nothing better than knowing you can relax and often have a nice hot shower before or after a flight.

Now, the special part.  When I was checking on my seat allocation, I asked the girl where I was sitting, she said “Towards the front of the plane”.
Seat 54?  Front of the plane?  Huh?

She smiled and said, “Oh, you’re flying on the new plane.  The A380!”

Well tickle me pink!  How! Exciting!

The Qantas Airbus A380, and my knowledge is VERY limited, is the latest plane in the Qantas fleet.  Which aside from meaning much better travelling conditions, free access to refreshments, and all other manner of exciting things.  It means it’s NEW!  Which in my mind means it’s less likely to fall out of the sky than the older jets in the fleet.

Hurrah!  Oh, and now that I’ve just searched up some information for that lovely little link in the paragraph above, I’ve just identified that this plane is also much more environmentally friendly, less fuel is used per seat.  As for any other information, you’ll have to look it up yourself.  My free Internet connection is too slow – hehe.

Ok, I’d best get back to enjoying the relative comforts of not being in the public departure lounges.  Thank god for perks!




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