Ugh! People please! Some decorum?

12 11 2008

Today was my first day back at the gym.  I have to be honest and say I really wasn’t enthused by the idea, but I made sure I made an appointment with my trainer early yesterday and set my alarm so as not to miss it.

I can’t say I was too enthused about waking up at 6am.  Especially when I realised that the time back in Australia where I was only a matter of days ago was 1am.  Not entirely a great start to the morning, also take into account a slight dose of jet lag, and a head cold I picked up just before I left Australia.  I’m still undecided whether or not this cold is more virus or souvenir of my visit.

Anyway, I made it to the gym, not just on time, but early, so I managed to get almost a full 30 minutes of additional cardio before my workout with my trainer.  The workout went reasonably well, especially given I’d not worked out for almost a month.  Bad, I know!  But I’m back at the gym as of this morning.

On my way out of the gym, and through the locker room to get my jacket, wallet and keys, I was confronted by the sight of a guy with his leg up on the dressing room bench, blow drying his balls!!

Confronted is an appropriate term!  AND in relation to the occurrence, that’s the only time that appropriate will be used in a sentence.  I’m all about hygiene, especially given some people in the gym smell like they’ve worked out, even before they’ve hit the gym.  But seriously, despite all requirements for being dry post shower, is it really necessary?

Ok, that’s my rant.  I’ve since been home, washed my eyes, disinfected my mind, had some physical therapy for my latest injury.  Back, herniated disk.  Argh!  I even had a nap, and the day still isn’t over.

At least it’s educational.





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13 11 2008


28 11 2008

I’ll second, pass, and carry the motion!

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