Freezin’ my nuts off!

13 11 2008

Talk about shock to the system.  It was only a few days ago that I was in Australia and gadding about in shorts and a polo shirt, and tonight I’m getting around in a jacket, scarf, gloves and still bloody freezing.

I’m starting to see the ingenuity behind the guy at the gym blow drying his balls at the gym yesterday! *laugh*

I think I’ve just about beaten the souvenir cold virus that I brought back from Australia, in fact I think I’ve shared it with Mark.  He can’t say I never give him anything.

The day in itself has been pretty interesting.  I woke up yelling due to a strange nightmare, then couldn’t get back to sleep, watched some television shows that Mark had recorded for me in my absence.  Took him to the Orthodontist and watched while he had braces fitted to his top teeth, came home and spent a good 3 hours in the garden raking up all the leaves that had fallen off the tree, and there were LOTS.

The tree itself is a good 20 metres tall, a huge Liquid Amber, and in the month I was gone, it decided to dump every leaf it had, on the roof, in the gutters and all over the lawns and gardens.
To expediate events, I climbed up on the roof with the petrol garden blower, and blew all the accumulated leaves down onto the lawn and garden, then spent a good hour clearing out the gutters, before spending the rest of my time raking the remaining leaves.  There’s so many that even after filling the green waste bin, the driveway is a good quarter covered.  Bonfire anyone?  I wish, it’s far too wet for that.

We’re in for the night now though.  We’ve bought new beds for the dogs, stocked up on petfood and are going to settle in for the evening in the warm.




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