Stupid fool!

15 11 2008

As some of you may know, Mark and I bought a house recently here in Washington state.  A move based primarily on an 11% rent increase on our existing home.  It seems that our landlord felt that $2200 per month wasn’t enough, and that $2450 was more appropriate.

We didn’t agree!  Hell, why pay his mortgage, when we can pay our own and for a whole lot less.

So that’s what we did.  We close/settle next week, and will be moved in before the end of November, so this will be our 4th address since we’ve been in the country.  Since August 2006!  Argh!

As for the fool part…  We were outside tonight picking up some leaves that I raked up during the week, when a car pulled up outside the house, and it’s occupants stared at the house.  The same car then turned around, stopped again, and stared again.  This immediately got my mind to thinking that our landlord was already advertising the house for rent.
No drama, if it was mine, I’d want to advertise it as soon as possible too.

Out of interest though, we checked out the same website that we initially found the house on.  Lo and behold, there it is.  Not only is our landlord still using photos of the house while it was furnished by it’s previous owners (not sure they’d be too impressed), but he’s advertising it a full $150 cheaper a month than he increased our rent to, and it seems is advertising the back deck inclusive of OUR BBQ!


I’ll be very glad when WE and our BBQ have moved into our very own home, where the only landlords we need deal with, are the ones we wake up with each day.  Us!

I’ll be so glad when this next chapter of my life is over.  Roll on November 30!



2 responses

19 11 2008

he advertised YOUR property as part of his? what a screwup!! you’ll be well washed of him. Good luck on the move!


28 11 2008

Birdwoman… Yes. Yes!!! and YES!!!
Washed of him as of tomorrow morning, can’t wait! 🙂

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