Piggyback surfing

22 11 2008

Today is day 2 in our new home, and so far, so good.  The dogs are spending a second night at the old house, but spent the afternoon with us, inclusive of being taken shopping.

Oliver is starting to settle in to his new abode, and I believe is enjoying it more than the previous one as it’s so much easier for him to patrol and maintain his knowledge of my whereabouts.
The only problem so far, aside from having to unpack.  Is that we don’t have any Internet, Phone or Cable Television, and won’t have until Monday.  Urgh!

So far I’ve been using my mobile/cell phone as a connection device, which fortunately doesn’t cost us any extra, it’s just super slow.  Tonight though, I’m being naughty.  I discovered that someone nearby has a wireless connection that’s unsecure.  Tonight, that’s how I’m able to blog.

I’m going to behave myself though, and not abuse it.  Although I must admit I was tempted, if only for a moment, to start downloading movies.  *laugh*
Fortunately for our Internet benefactor, I’m just not that evil.

Or am I?  We were at Home Depot (American Bunnings) tonight to get a few items for the house, when I asked Mark for his opinion on something.  He answered, but was completely oblivious to the fact that I’m not blind and could quite clearly see he was answering but staring blatantly at the guy behind me.
Admittedly, he was worth looking at.  But much to Mark’s horror, I quite loudly told him “I’m over here, stop staring at the guy in the green shirt”…
Poor Mark, he turned bright red and I’m sure wanted the earth to open up and swallow him.  😉

Ok, I’m outta here, I hurt all over, have just had a hot shower and am in my sexy monkey head pajamas, and am going to settle in for the night.




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