Back in the loop!

24 11 2008

That is, we have Internet, phone and television again.  It’s nice to have a connection to civilisation again that’s not pilfered.  Eg:  Unsecured wireless Internet.  Thanks neighbours!

The day started too early for my liking with a session at the gym, followed by some unpacking, Physical Therapy, then the rest of the afternoon finalising the yard work in the old house, and in doing so, undoing all the good work from Physical Therapy.  At least it’s done now.
One less job to worry about.

Still a few things to finalise there before we hand over the keys and close that chapter.  Not too soon either.

Otherwise, it’s too damn cold here, I predict snow in the next four week, it’s already frosting over now that the sun’s gone down, and each morning for the last few days, the car has been icy and the lawns frosty.


Only 12 and a bit more weeks until I’m back in Australia again!  Yay!



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