Almost nearly…

25 11 2008

The old house is almost a thing of the past.  I spent the entire day there today like a whirling dervish of cleaning.  The entire place smells like a swathe of (mostly environmentally friendly) cleaning products.

I’ve also transported a large majority of the remaining items to the new house, and this evening with the help of Mark we removed the last items from the house.

The only things remaining are in the garage, all securely locked away until morning where I’ll relocate them for what will hopefully be the last time for a while.

I’m also pretty glad that I got the lawns all mowed yesterday when I did, as from the moment I finished until pretty much early this evening it’s rained, and more rain is forecast.  My timing was pretty good.

So that’s about it.  I’ve worked my butt off, literally and figuratively.  All this effort has been in place of going to the gym, I’m not so mad that I’ll do both right now.  Besides, my back is pretty sore, and I think I can safely say that for someone with a herniated disk I’ve sort of over done the physical aspect of things lately.

Oh, I also made a new friend today.  A fellow Aussie, Marilyn, who works for Invisible Fence a company that makes solutions for ensuring your pets stay within the boundaries of your property.

Now though, I’m home for the evening, fresh from a nice hot shower, blogging away merrily with the cat on my lap, monkey pj’s on, and a nice hot cup of tea.  Civilised if I do say so myself.

Until next time.  Hooroo!




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