Another box checked

26 11 2008

I finished moving the last of our items out of the old house today.  Last night was a late night cleaning, and today the professional cleaners came to finish off.  I left them the shower and the floors.
I’m generous like that.

Their comment to me, “In 8 years of cleaning, we’ve never been to a house this clean.”
Yay for me!  If the landlord makes even one comment I’ll slap him so hard he’ll have to insert his toothbrush in his ass to clean his teeth.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, so food a plenty, Friday will be the carpet cleaning at the old house, followed by inspection with previously mentioned landlord, then hand over the keys, and continue on with my life.


Right now though, I’m going to have a glass of wine and have an early night, relaxing in front of the television.




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