I present to you…

28 11 2008

Annie 281108Consensus has been reached.

As it turns out, I’d selected the name “Annie” for a new female addition to the house way back on September 7; Another sighting.  Only I’d forgotten.

This afternoon in the car while driving home from collecting her, Mark came up with Anastasia, a Russian Princess.  She’s a Russian Blue, and is already ‘Daddy’s Princess”.

Mum also suggested Annie.

So, as of this evening our new furry daughter formerly known as Gracie-Alice, is now “Annie”.  For formal occasions, and to appease Mark her stage name is Anastasia.  Everyone’s happy.

We now have Oliver, and Annie.  Two little orphans made good.

Now they’re just going to have to learn to love each other.

Speaking of Oliver, he’s pretty damn special himself.  Recently Mark submitted a photo of him (Oliver) for a fundraising calendar.  The calendar will raise funds for the Forget Me Not Animal Small Oliver PhotoShelter of Ferry County.  Oliver’s photo was accepted.

Oliver, my eldest kitty, who’ll be 4 next month, is now Mr July for 2009.

Let the accolades roll in.  😉




2 responses

30 11 2008

That’s a great photo of Oliver 🙂

4 12 2008

Thanks. Mark too it quite some time back.

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