The family has grown…

28 11 2008

We decided back in August after Mulder was killed that we’d get Oliver a new “sibling”.  That acquisition got postponed somewhat.  There were a couple of reasons.  Primarily, that I was going to be out of the country for a month, and that we’d just bought a house and wanted to have moved in to the new house before introducing another pet.  This last one was more to ensure that neither cat had a chance to stake out any territory before being introduced to each other.

Well today was that day.

I woke up insanely early this morning, and not being able to get back to sleep, decided to search online for a sibling for Oliver.  There were literally dozens to choose from.  We’d been tossing around the idea of another Burmese, perhaps a Siamese, and even a Russian Blue.

This morning I found two Russian Blue’s online.  One a 10 month old boy, and the other a 6 month old girl.  I emailed both advertisers detailing my interest.  Only one of them got back to me.  The owner of the little girl.Gracie Alice

Daddy now has a princess!

Her addition to our family was apparently destined.  Her name is Gracie.  My Mum’s name is Grace.  On the way there, because I don’t like the idea of my cat being named after my Mum.  No offense Mum, but it’s just weird.  I tossed up the name of “Alice” instead.  Not seriously, but I put it out there.

After a good two hours in the car driving to meet our new little girl, we finally arrived and were introduced.  She’s gorgeous, and a complete little lover.  Affectionate, lively, let me roll her on her back, and play with her claws and teeth.  All things I want my cats to allow me to do, as it makes Veterinary checks so much easier.
While I was talking to her current (at the time) owner, I found out that she (the lady) and her boyfriend, had argued over what to name the cat.  Each of them wanting a different name.  The outcome of that argument…

She was named Gracie Alice.  It was meant to be.

Of course, that won’t be her name for long.  We’ve not long arrived home and allowed Oliver to meet her through the door of the cat cage.  They both hissed at each other, but I expected nothing less.
Oliver’s now sitting at my feet, ensuring that I know that he owns me, while little (for now) Gracie Alice, is having dinner in the bathroom, which has just recently been temporarily converted into her bedroom.  She has her own bowls, new bed, new litter tray and a scratching post.

The next few days are going to be fun, but I don’t think it’ll be too long until Oliver accepts his new sister, and his life is restored to luxury with the input of someone to wash his ears, and ears for him to wash in return.

We’re still stuck on ideas for names though.  Some of the options so far have been, Nancy (Oliver reference), Lacey (rhymes with Gracie, all other rhyming names have since been dismissed), Stoli (Vodka brand), and a few others I can’t think of.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Okey dokey, better get going and check out how my newly enlarged brood is going.





2 responses

29 11 2008

Awww congrats on your new addition. She looks lovely and sounds like a perfect match.

30 11 2008

She’s as cute as a button! Why not call her ‘Princess’?? Yes, I know it’s not particularly inspiring, but it’s how you first referred to her.

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