Back tracking somewhat…

2 12 2008

It’s been a super busy day in our house today.

Starting at 8.30am we had the installers from the Invisible Fence company arrive to install an underground cable system around our property border, and across the side gate area.  Short translation…  The dogs have an electric collar that gives them a small static shock if they get too close to the boundaries, over time this reinforcement teaches them that they’re not to leave the yard.  Safety for them, and insurance for us, that if the gate is left open, as has happened in the past with a lazy gardener, that the dogs will still be in the yard when we get home.

A big thanks to the lovely Marilyn, and equally awesome, Morgan, Rick and Randy for their hard work today.

The same company also installed an indoor cat door for Oliver so that he can access the laundry for food and litter without the door having to be left open.  A boon for us, as it means the washing machine and furnace can be running and we don’t have to listen to it over the television.

On top of all that, both cats had some homeopathic calming treats today, and they even seemed to work.  They’re not quite best of buddies yet, but they have touched noses twice today while I’ve been around.  They’ve even played chase with each other, although I’m not sure that was so much a game than a hunt the new cat down situation.

Needless to say, progress has been made.  They can now be in the same room with each other without their being mutiny.

Moving on, our little girl now has a name.  I’ve opted for “Annie”.  I should have gone with my initial instinct on it.  It didn’t suit her initially, but as of today it does, and she even came when she was called.  That could have been a fluke, but I’m going to treat it as a divine intervention, one that has finally ended the name search.

We now have Annie and Oliver.