Scary epiphany

3 12 2008

Yet another busy day for me today.  Early wake up for gym, followed by the dentist, then physical therapy, and while doing all this I looked down at myself, noticed I was wearing track pants, blue windcheater (sweater), and running shoes, and realised I’ve turned into my Dad.

This is exactly the uniform he’s been renowned for wearing for decades, one that my Mum often has griped about, and now it’s mine.  I mentioned it to Mark, his first comment; “you should dress up to go out”.
My reply, “until you’re spending your day unpacking boxes, shut your face”.

Touche! 😉

In other news, the cats are slowly becoming accustomed to each other.  Admittedly through the aiding and abetting on my part by bribing them with turkey.  I’ve done this dozens of times.  Little Miss Annie, is my 14th cat.  There’s not much personality wise with cats that surprises me these days.

Oh, and I also made contact with my ex of nearly 13 years ago Natalie today.  We had a chat on the phone, our first in over a decade, and it was really good to catch up.

A good day all in all. 🙂