A breakthrough!

6 12 2008

There’s been somewhat of a cease fire in the house today, and this is a good thing.  Admittedly it did only last 10 minutes, but that’s a huge step forward from previous days.

Annie and Oliver have finally “made first (civil) contact”.  Now that they’ve both aware of just how comfortable the other is to sleep with, and that there is communal washing involved, I’m hoping that it’ll only be a matter of hours (or perhaps days) until they’re the best of friends.

It’s taken 8 days so far, but we’ve made progress.Oliver and Annie - First Contact

Our friend Jeff alerted us to the obvious the other day.  Oliver licks when he’s scratched.  Jeff saw that the cats were sitting near each other, scratched Oliver, and Oliver licked Annie.  Progress!
I did this again myself several times in the evening.  Only on one occasion did Oliver decide that after licking Annie’s ear that he should try and eat it.  That ended in a cry from Annie, and fuming feline tempers at ten paces.

Peace was restored today though, as is evidenced in the photo.

Excellent, perhaps I’ll be able to sleep right through the night without a mini war being waged across my sleeping form.

*fingers crossed*