Calendar confusion…

11 12 2008

Today, at least in Australia, is Mark’s and my 10th Anniversary.  A landmark.

We haven’t killed each other, and my liver has survived the associated drinking.  It’s a robust organ that one!

However, by the American Calendar, it’s not until tomorrow.  I guess we could celebrate twice, but…

Parole anyone?

Moving on…  I’ve got a job application active at the moment, and have even heard back from the recruiters.  They’ve requested further information, and that I respond to several questions highlighting how I’ve acted in certain scenario’s, and dealt with situations in a corporate environment that make me suitable for the role.

Now, it’s certainly not a job offer, but it’s some sort of acknowledgement, which after more than 2 years of nothing, is quite exciting.  We’ll have to see how this plays out.  Admittedly though I’m not pinning all my hopes on it.  I’ve become quite jaded over time when it comes to applications over here in the US as a non-citizen.
We’ll see though.

Right now though, I’ve got to get outside and fix the guttering on the house, and channel some of the frustration created by unreliable people who make plans and then suddenly, and unexplainably vanish off the face of the planet.  No, sorry, busy, or something came up.  Just a whole lot of nothing…

It amuses me too, that one in particular has done nothing but bitch for days about how they keep getting stood up by their partner, but then do the same thing themselves to others.  Suck it up, grow some balls, and man up you whining unreliable whiner!

Ahhh, nothing like a good purge! 😉

Cheerio! I’ve a gutter to swing from while balanced precariously on a ladder with a power drill in my hand.  I’m channeling my inner lesbian like! Shame I don’t have any flannel! 😉