A decade over…

12 12 2008

Well, we decided to celebrate our 10 year anniversary formally today, by the American calendar.  Technically the day was yesterday Australian time.  But it just gets too confusing.

I made reservations at the Tamarind Tree for dinner, and let me just say, the food, drinks, service, atmosphere, were all phenomenal.  5 courses, drinks, and inclusive of tax and tip, $120.  Not a bad effort at all.

Of course now we’re home, tucked away inside the house in readiness for the forecasted snow storms expected this evening.  They expect between 0 and 6 inches of snow overnight.  All I know is that today as I drove across the floating bridge that crosses Lake Washington from Seattle to Redmond where we live, is that I’d never quite experienced a situation before where waves were crashing across the car while I drove.  Very different!

That’s it really.  I didn’t get Parole, despite asking, perhaps next time.

I’m guessing that after the first 10 years you move into the phase of seeing who outlives the other…  *laugh*