Did I miss something?

15 12 2008

I don’t get to bitch about Monday’s very often anymore, especially since I’m not working, but where in my contract does it state that I should be outside at 8.15am in –8 degree Celsius weather, chipping ice off my cars wind screen in my gym shorts so I could go workout?

All day today the temperature stayed in the negatives, reaching a sunny top of –0.5 degrees Celsius mid-afternoon.  Despite it being cold though, it was a beautiful day, all blue skies and sunshine.  You just couldn’t lie around in it for fear of being snap frozen.

Weather aside, it’s certainly been an interesting day, unique is even an appropriate term.  But that’s not for here.  Those who were involved know who they are.

But for now, I’m outta here.   My day is finally over and it’s time to unwind.




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