I can see my breath!

16 12 2008

… and it’s frozen solid and lying on the ground.

That’s how cold it is today.   Minus 10 degrees Celsius this morning while I was outside de-icing the car again to get to gym.  Even inside the gym it was cold.  Cold enough that I could see my breath while using the stair machine.


They’ve predicted a snow storm for the early hours of tomorrow morning.  Weather alerts everywhere.  So it’s looking like it’s going to be quite a white Christmas at this stage.

Typical! ;)  The week I finally get back into my gym routine, and it’s too damn cold to leave the house.

I have unearthed my winter jacket, the one I bought the first Winter I moved here.  It’s like wrapping yourself in a doona, with a fur trim, and leaving the house.  Heavy as hell, but super warm.  Only problem, I bought it before I lost weight, so now there’s room for two of me in it.  That’s a good thing, trust me.  The downside is that the draft whips up underneath now.  😉

Ok, I’m outta here.  The heater is on, the pets are in, and the day is done.