Snow, snow, snow…

18 12 2008

We braced ourselves for snow all day yesterday, but all that happened was that every last trace of it melted, leaving no trace that it had ever existed.

Then today happened.  Over 7 inches of snow fell in a few hours this morning.  We had to dig the car out somewhat just to get in it.

A very different experience.  I’ve seen snow, and experienced living and driving in it a few times since I moved here, but I’ve never experienced this much.  Certainly not enough that I had to actually use the snow shovel that I bought last year, and never used.

That is, until this year.  I didn’t get to the gym today, but I did spend a good 90 minutes digging out the path to the house and the driveway.  That WAS my workout.

It’s certainly pretty.  I even managed to make my first snow angel today – VERY FUN!

That’s it for today though.  I’m off to bed!


Oops!  Late edition.