Blowing a Blizzard

20 12 2008

The snow is back, a blizzard to be precise.

When we left the house almost 6 hours ago the snow was falling lightly, since then there’s been nearly 10cm of snow fall.  I’ve had to unearth the car several times between shopping trips, as each time I’ve parked and returned, the car is not much more than a mound of snow again.

Oh, and as I was leaving a carpark after getting a haircut, I saw a young guy struggling to put snow chains on his car.  Now, I’m no expert, having only installed my first set yesterday, but I figured I’d stop and offer him a hand.
Poor guy had no idea, and the integral part of the securing system for his chains was missing.  Essentially, chains are like a ladder you wrap around your tyre securing at each end.  then a securing system goes on the side to pull it all tight and snug on your wheel.  This is the part he was missing.  Fortunately he found some “occy straps” (elastic luggage straps) in the boot of his car so I fashioned some make shift devices out of these.
He was ecstatic, totally thankful, I’d done my good deed and was feeling pretty good about myself, then he said, have a good night Sir.  Dammit, now I feel old!  *laugh*  Ah well, it was bound to happen.  I’m guessing he was in his early 20’s and in my mind I feel as old as he looks, but apparently don’t look it.  Hehe!   That’s my good deed done.  It must have paid off too.  The “Traffic Gods” smiled on me the whole way home and I didn’t get a single red light through the height of the blizzard! 🙂

Exciting times.

Of course, and it’s pretty obvious since I’m typing a blog entry, we’re home safely and in for the night.  The dog’s are quite literally in the dog house tonight.  While we were out they ran rampage in the house destroying some of the pats toys and pee’d on one of the rugs.
Hope they enjoy their igloo kennel (it’s insulated) because they just lost their indoor access and are out for the evening.