More snow!

21 12 2008

… but wait…  There’s even more snow, and it’s still falling!

It’s been a very white weekend, and strangely enough, I’ve been out and about more in weather that’s not the safest, than what I would normally on a weekend.  Some weekends we never leave the house.  This weekend we’ve barely been home at all.Car on the front lawn 291208

Certainly tiring driving in this weather, primarily from concentrating on the road, and avoiding all the other speeding maniacs, but we’ve certainly not been kept prisoner by the elements.  We’ve been very careful, and remained well prepared as we’ve travelled.

I also got to christen my new snow/bad weather boots.  They’re pretty cool.  It’s nice to have toasty warm, and dry feet while I’m getting about in snow that’s been deep enough to sink me half way to my knees.  On my own front lawn!


I’ve taken a few photos today, and some video footage of the snow falling while we were driving to give you an idea.  I even drove the car up onto the front lawn to showcase the depth of the snow.  It probably would have worked better if the car hadn’t managed to stay up on top of some of it, but it did sink to the running boards.Mattress Man 211208

The across the road neighbours thought I’d lost control and ended up on the lawn by accident.  Not likely!  But it was funny that they assumed so incorrectly.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty exciting, and certainly not normal Sunday for us, it’s certainly nice to be home now though.  Unlike the poor soul we saw on a corner earlier today wearing a sign out in the elements.  I hope he’s well paid!

Here’s a couple of videos of my snowy drive earlier this afternoon…

Snowy Drive Part 1

Snowy Drive Part 2

All other photos will be uploaded to Flickr soon enough.