Snowy Shenanigans

23 12 2008

Well it’s certainly been an interesting and productive day today.  The snow held off which was nice, although there were a few flakes during the day, not enough to matter, but they were visible.

Apparently my accent has either gotten thicker in the last couple of days or people here have been indulging in too much bottled Christmas Spirit as I’ve had to repeat myself incessantly all day, and describe things over and over again.

The highlight (and that’s me being sarcastic) was having to ask for postcards three times, before describing them, as “like a photograph that you write on the back of and post to people”, for the shop assistant to say, “Oh Postcards”, to which I replied, “Yes, exactly what I’ve asked you for three times”.  Argh!

Once I finally got home, I spent the next 3 hours shoveling all the snow off the back patio, de-icing the dogs shade bed, patio seats, and steps, before moving to the front yard to unearth all the paths and driveway again.  It’s only been four days since I did it last time, and the amount of snow and compacted ice was insane!  It was such a workout that I decided against going to the gym.

Snow Shovelling 231208 I took photos throughout the process to record the progress, along with a shoveling video!  *laugh*   Oh, there are also photos of the ice stalactites forming on the guttering outside.  I don’t have Christmas lights like all the neighbours but the stalactites add genuine festiveness. ;)   They’re insane inside given they’re only a couple of days old.  One is almost 32” long.  Work out the conversion yourself, I’ve no idea.  I couldn’t find the metric tape measure. Hehe!

Dolce and Vita in the Snow 231208 Once all that was completed, I took the dogs out the front for a play.  They weren’t going on the snow for anyone, that is until I started throwing treats onto it.  That got them moving, and it was pretty funny watching them sink in the deep snow, and then try and bound across.  The funniest was when Dolce tripped and body surfed down a snow hill before crashing into my feet.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera handy when that happened.  Dammit!

I’m inside now, all de-frosted and ready to crash into bed.  I’m going to sleep tonight, of that I can be assured.

Hope you’re all having a Merry Christmas Eve if tonight is the night, or a Merry Night Before Christmas Eve for where I am.

Ho Ho Ho!

Oh, in the background right now Mark is lighting the candle on his Disney Menorah for the third night of Channukah.  Such a good Jew.  Only because I got him organised.  You see, every year Mark claims he doesn’t know where his Channukiah is, and that he doesn’t have any candles.  Of course, he only claims that if I question him on why he’s not recognising Channukah.  This year he tried to use our recent house move as an excuse, telling everyone who asked that he didn’t know where anything was.  Fortunately for him, as has been the case every year, I not only know where the Channukiah is, and the candles, but every year (except this one, as I now have a surplus) I buy him new candles.


So, in the background, mere moments ago, Mark was lighting the third night candle and reciting the appropriate prayer, under his breath, so I requested he project and do it out loud for the benefit of those around him. 😉