The Christmas that was

26 12 2008

Yesterday was Christmas, and it started out with plenty of snow, incidentally, it’s all snowing again today as I type this…

While Christmas for me is traditionally spent with family, this year, I spent it with my friends, my surrogate family.  A bunch of “Christmas Orphans”.  All of us unable to spend Christmas with family due to distance and weather conditions. 

I managed to get a restaurant reservation at the last minute for the seven of us, and while as a rule I generally don’t dine out for Christmas either, the day resumed all levels of tradition when it became all about good company, and lots of food and alcohol.

I mean, what is Christmas after all without excess? 😉

Good fun, and there was more to come spending the afternoon with friends, and then the evening with friends as well.

Thanks Brad, Tom, Cliff, Peter, Joe-Jo, Alex, Jene-Paul and Cisco.

After which, my late evening consisted of drinking plenty of water, and this morning, hitting the gym.

Now I’m feeling a little better about myself.  Although I’m cold, but the heater is kicking in now, so that’ll soon be rectified.