Snow more…

27 12 2008

Finally we’ve had a day without snow.  That being said, we’ve had a day or rain instead, no complaints though.
The roads are clearing, enough that I took the snow cables off the car today, and it’s a nice change to be able to traverse the roads at normal speeds again, and to not have to avoid other vehicles that are careening out of control.

After a slow start to the day we head off to the stores to check out the post Christmas sales, the main rush was yesterday, today wasn’t so bad.  Some of the sales were pretty good, particularly Macy’s, but, they’re always good sales there.  Mark picked up a leather jacket that was originally $455 for $112.  While I got myself a $290 one for $59.  We do love a bargain.

Now I’m going to go have a short nap before I head off for an evening of frivolity with some friends.


Dad!  Hope you’re feeling better soon.  Hugs for you and Mum.