I’m going to kill him!

30 12 2008


I finally decided to cook a roast tonight, and have a close friend over that I missed seeing over Christmas.  Despite being ill, I’ve been unpacking boxes, rearranging furniture, and slicing, dicing and preparing food most of the afternoon.

Then I had to go out for a Physical Therapy session (With the afore referenced friend.  She’s my therapist.)  So I turned the oven down to a low temperature and left.

Only to come home, open the oven and have the house fill with smoke.  Which it’s continued doing all evening, and I’ve been perplexed as to why.

Now sitting here, in the middle of Winter with all the doors and windows open so the smoke will dissipate, it’s finally occurred to me what the problem is.

It’s Mark!

He changed the temperature settings on the oven to be Celsius, not Fahrenheit.  Of course, since everything else is in imperial measurements I forgot, and have had the oven running at Fahrenheit values on Celsius temperatures.

Hopefully I can rescue the meal.  Mark on the other hand is going to be requested to put the oven back on it’s original settings and stop meddling.


Gotta go, there’s charcoal to be scraped.  Not really, but it sounded dramatic! 😉

See ya!