Snow more snow today

22 12 2008

No more snow fell today, but there was certainly plenty of it around to keep everyone entertained.  It apparently snowed most of the evening.

Needless to say, that my shoveling efforts to clear the driveway last Thursday were for nothing.  I’ll have to do it again tomorrow.  Oh well.  It’s all nice, white, crunchy and pristine outside for the time being.

2 or 3 sleeps till Santa depending on your time zone! 🙂

More snow!

21 12 2008

… but wait…  There’s even more snow, and it’s still falling!

It’s been a very white weekend, and strangely enough, I’ve been out and about more in weather that’s not the safest, than what I would normally on a weekend.  Some weekends we never leave the house.  This weekend we’ve barely been home at all.Car on the front lawn 291208

Certainly tiring driving in this weather, primarily from concentrating on the road, and avoiding all the other speeding maniacs, but we’ve certainly not been kept prisoner by the elements.  We’ve been very careful, and remained well prepared as we’ve travelled.

I also got to christen my new snow/bad weather boots.  They’re pretty cool.  It’s nice to have toasty warm, and dry feet while I’m getting about in snow that’s been deep enough to sink me half way to my knees.  On my own front lawn!


I’ve taken a few photos today, and some video footage of the snow falling while we were driving to give you an idea.  I even drove the car up onto the front lawn to showcase the depth of the snow.  It probably would have worked better if the car hadn’t managed to stay up on top of some of it, but it did sink to the running boards.Mattress Man 211208

The across the road neighbours thought I’d lost control and ended up on the lawn by accident.  Not likely!  But it was funny that they assumed so incorrectly.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty exciting, and certainly not normal Sunday for us, it’s certainly nice to be home now though.  Unlike the poor soul we saw on a corner earlier today wearing a sign out in the elements.  I hope he’s well paid!

Here’s a couple of videos of my snowy drive earlier this afternoon…

Snowy Drive Part 1

Snowy Drive Part 2

All other photos will be uploaded to Flickr soon enough.


Blowing a Blizzard

20 12 2008

The snow is back, a blizzard to be precise.

When we left the house almost 6 hours ago the snow was falling lightly, since then there’s been nearly 10cm of snow fall.  I’ve had to unearth the car several times between shopping trips, as each time I’ve parked and returned, the car is not much more than a mound of snow again.

Oh, and as I was leaving a carpark after getting a haircut, I saw a young guy struggling to put snow chains on his car.  Now, I’m no expert, having only installed my first set yesterday, but I figured I’d stop and offer him a hand.
Poor guy had no idea, and the integral part of the securing system for his chains was missing.  Essentially, chains are like a ladder you wrap around your tyre securing at each end.  then a securing system goes on the side to pull it all tight and snug on your wheel.  This is the part he was missing.  Fortunately he found some “occy straps” (elastic luggage straps) in the boot of his car so I fashioned some make shift devices out of these.
He was ecstatic, totally thankful, I’d done my good deed and was feeling pretty good about myself, then he said, have a good night Sir.  Dammit, now I feel old!  *laugh*  Ah well, it was bound to happen.  I’m guessing he was in his early 20’s and in my mind I feel as old as he looks, but apparently don’t look it.  Hehe!   That’s my good deed done.  It must have paid off too.  The “Traffic Gods” smiled on me the whole way home and I didn’t get a single red light through the height of the blizzard! 🙂

Exciting times.

Of course, and it’s pretty obvious since I’m typing a blog entry, we’re home safely and in for the night.  The dog’s are quite literally in the dog house tonight.  While we were out they ran rampage in the house destroying some of the pats toys and pee’d on one of the rugs.
Hope they enjoy their igloo kennel (it’s insulated) because they just lost their indoor access and are out for the evening.


More snow than you can poke an icicle at

19 12 2008

The official up date to yesterdays snow tally for Redmond, is 12” or roughly 30 cm of snow fell during the day.

That’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

There’s more snow forecast for the weekend too!  Another 30cm would be great.

In a week of firsts, today I bought my first set of snow cables for the car.  They’re essentially snow chains, they fit your tyres and give you additional traction in the snow, and given the snow fall here recently are a must have.
That is if you’re excited by not dying on the road.  Which apparently a lot of people here aren’t.

I’ve witnessed so many accidents today it’s ridiculous, the first one almost including me, but I saw “her” coming in time to reverse out of the way.  Stupid woman (sorry if this is racist BUT she WAS Asian) tried to beat the red light on a corner, and lost control skidding around the corner and would have taken me out as well.  But, as I said, I got out of the way.  She slid sideways into a pole, damaged her car, more than likely her ego, but was otherwise unharmed.  When she looked over at me, I have to admit, I did laugh.  Dangerous, but fortunately noone was hurt, so I consider it instant vehicular karma dealt by Mother Nature.
The other maniacs on the road are all driving standard sedans at high speeds without traction wheels or chains.  Hell, I’m driving a 4WD with snow cables, and they’re passing me!!


Oh well, that’s been my day.  Otherwise uneventful, very white, and I hope to take some photos of it all tomorrow.  After Spin class, if I go.  It’s my “contemplation” for the morning.  We’ll see when I wake up.

Before I go, and most importantly… For the American Calendar.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  Hope you have a great day and feel better soon!!  (It was yesterday for Australia).


Snow, snow, snow…

18 12 2008

We braced ourselves for snow all day yesterday, but all that happened was that every last trace of it melted, leaving no trace that it had ever existed.

Then today happened.  Over 7 inches of snow fell in a few hours this morning.  We had to dig the car out somewhat just to get in it.

A very different experience.  I’ve seen snow, and experienced living and driving in it a few times since I moved here, but I’ve never experienced this much.  Certainly not enough that I had to actually use the snow shovel that I bought last year, and never used.

That is, until this year.  I didn’t get to the gym today, but I did spend a good 90 minutes digging out the path to the house and the driveway.  That WAS my workout.

It’s certainly pretty.  I even managed to make my first snow angel today – VERY FUN!

That’s it for today though.  I’m off to bed!


Oops!  Late edition.


A first…

17 12 2008

Today has been a super busy day.  Early wake up for gym, physical therapy, braving the Christmas queues at the post office, and then my very first Spin Class (indoor cycling).

At first when the instructor, a friend of mine; Rusty, explained that this was going to be one of his hardest classes, and that it ran for an hour, I inwardly cringed.

I surprised even myself.  Not only did I survive, but I enjoyed it.

I’m going to have to go again.  Literally, I bought a punch card for 15 sessions and it’ll expire in a few weeks.  How’s that for motivation.

Otherwise I’ve been well behaved on the diet and exercise front today, and had a great evening socialising with some friends.

Now I’m home, all ready for bed.

In other news…  The predicted snow storm that was supposed to hit us last night and again today…  It was a bust.  Nothing.  A spot of rain.  Two spots of frozen rain…  and a whole lot of nothing else.

Oh well, at least what snow there was has melted and I can see the lawn again.

Bed time now though.  Cya!

I can see my breath!

16 12 2008

… and it’s frozen solid and lying on the ground.

That’s how cold it is today.   Minus 10 degrees Celsius this morning while I was outside de-icing the car again to get to gym.  Even inside the gym it was cold.  Cold enough that I could see my breath while using the stair machine.


They’ve predicted a snow storm for the early hours of tomorrow morning.  Weather alerts everywhere.  So it’s looking like it’s going to be quite a white Christmas at this stage.

Typical! ;)  The week I finally get back into my gym routine, and it’s too damn cold to leave the house.

I have unearthed my winter jacket, the one I bought the first Winter I moved here.  It’s like wrapping yourself in a doona, with a fur trim, and leaving the house.  Heavy as hell, but super warm.  Only problem, I bought it before I lost weight, so now there’s room for two of me in it.  That’s a good thing, trust me.  The downside is that the draft whips up underneath now.  😉

Ok, I’m outta here.  The heater is on, the pets are in, and the day is done.


Did I miss something?

15 12 2008

I don’t get to bitch about Monday’s very often anymore, especially since I’m not working, but where in my contract does it state that I should be outside at 8.15am in –8 degree Celsius weather, chipping ice off my cars wind screen in my gym shorts so I could go workout?

All day today the temperature stayed in the negatives, reaching a sunny top of –0.5 degrees Celsius mid-afternoon.  Despite it being cold though, it was a beautiful day, all blue skies and sunshine.  You just couldn’t lie around in it for fear of being snap frozen.

Weather aside, it’s certainly been an interesting day, unique is even an appropriate term.  But that’s not for here.  Those who were involved know who they are.

But for now, I’m outta here.   My day is finally over and it’s time to unwind.


Frosty winter wonderland

14 12 2008

We had almost 10cm of snow overnight.  Even at 1am this morning the snow was still falling and quite heavily.

Today, blue skies, no more snow, but the temperature is a very brisk –4 degrees Celsius.

Brrr!  The dogs slept inside last night, their water bowl froze, and everything’s white.

Needless to say, the dogs have a water bowl inside the house now, the heater hasn’t been turned off, nor is it likely to be, and the dogs will be inside again tonight.

I’m outta here, there’s a pile of blankets with my name on it.

Snowballs chance…

13 12 2008

That’s what the snow had today…  A snowballs chance in hell.

The first snow for the season that we’ve seen started falling today, but there was so little of it that it was pretty much gone before it hit the ground.  I can tell you that it’s pretty cold at the moment.

The higher elevations definitely got the snow, just driving to the stores you can see the houses on the hills all have white roofs, and the occasional passing car had snow on it.

Perhaps there’ll be more by the morning.  Right now though, it’s just wet and cold, so a perfect night to stay home and relax.