Social mothing…

1 01 2009

So far the start to the New Year has been a good one, we spent the evening with friends until the wee hours of this morning, and only consumed 2 drinks all night.  That wasn’t a difficult feat since I’ve got a cold.

Partied, rested, and then went to a dinner party at another friends house this evening where we were introduced to some more new people, and had a brilliant evening.

It’s been a lot of fun.  But, now it’s time to get some rest in, hence the short entry.  As in the morning I have to take poor little Annie to the Vet to be speyed.

She’s not going to be happy, but it’s for her own good.  Her op is tomorrow, and mine’s next Thursday, only I’m NOT being speyed/neutered.  NO CHANCE!


Until next time, be good, or be good at it!