Annie Winehouse

3 01 2009

Well my little girl is home from the Vet, and she’s a scooch more valuable to us now, to the tune of nearly $400.

O. M. G.!

She came home with a little bald paw, bald belly, and a “zipper” of stitches up her abdomen, and a slew of opiate based painkillers.

According to the Vet she’s loving her drugs, and from the evidence displayed when I arrived to collect her, the trip she was on was an ultra pleasant one.  She was tripping off her mind, and purring, head butting and “kissing” anyone who got close.  All that was missing from the image was the techno dance music, glow sticks and a chup-a-chup!

My girls a regular little Amy, errr Annie Winehouse!

The fun part now is keeping her relatively calm for the next two weeks as she heals, and stopping her from licking the incision.

Any thoughts of her coming home to be nursed/consoled by Oliver went out the window the first second he smelt her, and she smelt different (of the Vet presumably).  As far as she’s concerned she’s a new cat, and he’s all hisses and spits again, as if he never met her.  Dammit!  Back to square one, hopefully it’ll be over soon.

Ok, that’s it from me, it’s been a long day with kitten nursing, shopping and dinner, movie and drinks with friends.  It’s now officially time for me to clock off.