Not quite done with snow yet

4 01 2009

The weekend has been pretty busy so far.  Sing-a-long Sound of Music on Friday, dinner and movies on Saturday, interspersed with nursing a recuperating kitty, and a spot of shopping today.
It’s been busy but fun.

Today though has been particularly cold.  The temperature hasn’t been the lowest we’ve experienced, but the air had a real bite to it.  It’s no surprise that just as we arrived home this afternoon a sole snow flake fell and landed on me.
Then another, and another.  But not much more, then I did a few things and fell asleep…

To awaken and find the world is white again, and that close to a 2.5cm of snow has fallen.

Looks like I’m not quite done with shoveling snow, or snow cables this season yet.

Maybe I’ll get that chance to make a snowman after all! 😉