Heat wave

5 01 2009

The mercury hit 50 degrees Fahrenheit today, so the 10cm or so of snow that fell overnight is completely gone as if it never existed this evening.

I don’t think the gardens quite know what to do with the weather at the moment, it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was an early growth spurt as if Spring had sprung, but I guess we’ll see as the days pass.

In other news, Annie, who is supposed to be recuperating from her surgery, and NOT running or jumping for two weeks, has been launching herself around the house like a feline superhero most of the afternoon.  I’ve given up.  When she has her painkillers she goes nuts, without them she sleeps.  Fortunately she had her last dose this morning, so sanity may be restored.

Otherwise there’s not much else going on.  3 sleeps until surgery, and then my blog postings will either cease temporarily or make even less sense than normal while I’m drugged out of my mind.  We’ll see how that pans out.





One response

7 01 2009

can we ask what surgery you’re having? Even if you can’t/won’t tell us, best of luck with it!

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