Tomorrow’s the day…

7 01 2009

As of midnight tonight I’m fasting for surgery.  How exciting.

I’m off to have a septo-rhinoplasty performed so that my nose will finally be functional rather than purely decorative.  Currently I can’t breathe at all through the right side of my nose, which until I started exercising regularly was never a problem.  But, now that I’m an avid oxygen consumer it’s become a bit of a problem.

So that’s the deal.  As of tomorrow, I’m going to look like I’ve been the victim of a car crash, or spousal abuse.  The former being the most believable given that Mark’s not scary and he crashes cars.  Although in his defense he’s not crashed once since he’s been in this country.  A sterling achievement.

Oh, and because I can’t stand the thought of not being able to shower and wash my hair for a couple of days, and probably much to the horror and disgust of my Mum (a retired hairdresser) and Amanda, my current hairdresser, I took to my head with a pair of clippers today and cut all my hair off.  *laugh*
I’ve always wanted to do it.  A friend tried to warn me off of it last night, my response was simple.  My nose is going to be swollen and in a cast, my eyes will be black, who’s going to give a toss what my hair looks like? 😉

So wish me luck and a speedy recovery.  Or don’t.  I’m going to be out of my gourd on heavy duty painkillers for a few days and won’t have a clue what’s going on around me.

So, please excuse the lack of blog postings over the next few days.  If I get a chance and am not too uncomfortable I’ll put something up.  Otherwise there’ll be nada, unless I “future post”.