Awww bye bye kitty…

13 01 2009

It’s a sad day in our family today (Wednesday in Australia), as my parents big fat fluffy kitty; Gypsy passed away this afternoon.

Over the years we’ve had many family cats, but none of them made as large a mark as Gypsy did.  For many reasons, one, she was a FAT cat, and seriously managed to damage the shade cloth on dad’s outdoor spa cover when she slept on it.  It just couldn’t support her weight, and secondly, because she was the cat that won my Dad’s heart.

Dad loves all pets, but aside from my cat Mulder who died last year, and Gypsy, his own fat fluffy kitty, was relatively indifferent.  Gypsy was the cat that got away with murder.

She’d sit on his desk when he was working and demand his attention, jump on his chair with him, climb on his boat, all manner of things that would have seen any other animal banished from the house.

Sadly she died today.  My Mum had only mentioned yesterday that she seemed to be “off colour”, and today she died with both of my parents with her.

Good bye Gypsy, you were fat, but beyond that you were one super huge fluffy bundle of love, and will be sadly missed.



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