He had a theory…

14 01 2009

He’s since been told where he can put it.

I met with my surgeon today, he’s happy, he removed my nose cast, external stitches and the internal splints.
All I’ll say is, I promise to blog in detail about it tomorrow.  There’s even video footage.

But for today, this is going to be short.

The theory…  It wasn’t from a Medical Professional, although I think he thought he was.  Mark has a theory that I don’t require the pain killers that I’ve been prescribed.  That by following the directions, that were fervently repeated to me to ensure I followed them, to take my medications (meds) every three hours, or pay the consequences.

Mark thought this was excessive.  Given that I’ve not had surgery and am not qualified to question, I simply kept resetting my alarm at three hour intervals and have existed on broken sleep for nearly a week, remaining somewhat, stoned, but relatively comfortable and pain free.

The only changes I’ve made to this schedule were overnight.  I had started running low on my prescription, so opted to halve my dose from 2 tablets to 1 tablet every 3 hours.  This worked, I had a little more sensation than normal, but by no means was I writhing in pain.  This got me through the night and saw me into the Dr’s surgery where I was able to renew my prescription.  Mark wasn’t happy.

Now I certainly don’t have a history of popping pills, aside from Vitamins, I avoid pills at all costs, but if I’m told I have to have them, I follow instructions.  I’m certainly no <insert name of relevant pill popping celebrity here>.

After I got home from the Dr’s I fell asleep, and missed two doses, I’m not totally aware of my face, and all the parts thereof that were accessed/moved/adjusted to allow me to breathe again, and breathing through my nose, which until recently was impossible, and from this morning a pleasant experience, now feels like snorting fire.

Mark you were wrong until you’re a qualified Medical Doctor with associated residency and clinic time, you’re not qualified to comment.  The Medical staff were right.

The problem now is, I was warned, should I miss a dose and I believe this is the same for everyone, once the pain centers are activated, it takes longer for pain medication to take effect and for relief to be achieved.

Ouch!  While I’m totally grateful a week has passed since my operation, and that I have a relatively high pain threshold, this is not too fun.  It’s not unbearable, I’m not writhing on the floor, and I’m most definitely NOT regretting having the surgery.

What I am doing is waiting very patiently while consciously not grinding my teeth for the relief to hit.  Drugs have been washed down the hatch, and a lovely cold icepack is nearby for soothing application.

I’m out of here for now, another lesson learnt.