I’m such a liar!

15 01 2009

I know, I promised I’d blog today about my recent operation, but I lied.

I’m going to do it a little later, possibly over the weekend.

The drugs are taking their toll at the moment, more so than the surgery (although I’m sure that without the drugs, I’d be a completely different state, a very painful one).

I’m going to play the “I’m still recovering card” and will give you all the gory details later.  Complete with photos, and video footage should I muster up the courage to share so much of myself with you.

In other news, it’s Mark’s birthday today by the Australian calendar.  In a not so subtle manner he pointed that out today.  I then pointed out that because of him, neither of us are in Australia, so too bad. 😉

I did say “Happy Australian Birthday” though, it was that or deal with him sulking.

I get to go through it all again tomorrow, only it’ll be worse.  I have a rule that on someone’s birthday for a full 24 hours they get Amnesty for their actions.  Mark being Mark, this is tougher than it sounds.  He also knows this rule and tests it every year.  Again, if you know Mark, you can only begin to imagine what he’s like when he tests my Amnesty.

I have in recent years amended the rule ever so slightly to allow the exclusion “If you’re a complete prick, you reap the consequences at the end of the 24 hour period.  I’m prepared to wait.”

Now for me, it’s back to the couch with my big sippy bottle of water, while the room spins ever so gracefully around me.