Two Weeks Today

22 01 2009

It’s hard to believe that this time two weeks ago, I was just getting settled in on the couch and taking my first dose of an ongoing every 3 hour regimen of pain medications after having surgery.
The time has flown by.  I’m guessing in some part it’s passed so quickly because of the drugs.

If I was asked would I recommend the surgery to someone else.  The answer would be a definitive yes, if of course they required it for medical reasons.  It really was, and has been so much easier than I imagined.

I may have been lucky, I know I had a great surgeon, but there’s been no bruising, and unless you actually knew I’d had my nose “fixed”, you’d be hard pressed to guess.  Apparently according to some people my voice sounds slightly different, less nasal, and more resonant.  I can’t hear it myself, but if it’s true, excellent!  I’ve never liked my own voice, always thought it was too nasal, but that made sense when I realised one side of my nose was physically blocked.

It’s a whole new era.  Imagine, being able to breathe through your own nose, incredible! 😉

I know I’m well on the way to being healed, as, as of two days ago, my allergies have flared up again, so apparently my nose is healing nicely.  The first couple of times I sneezed I was scared it was going to hurt, fortunately it hasn’t.  The best part, sneezing and itchiness aside (some of it allergy related, some of it healing) is that even slightly congested, I can still breathe properly.

Joy and rapture!  I’m a happy man!

Of course, I’m still healing, apparently there’s going to be some residual swelling for up to 6 months, possibly less, and it’s advisable that I don’t play any sports where I may be injured.  Personally, I can’t really think of anything worse than a racquetball flying at high speed hitting me in the face.  I’m pretty sure that would make me cry somewhat.  Oh, and I can’t wear glasses for a month as it’s recommended that I not have anything on the bridge of my nose.  A minor inconvenience, for now.  It’s Washington State in Winter, it’s not so bright.  However, I’ll be back in Australia, during the height of Summer in a little under 2 weeks.  It’s going to be hot, dry and bright.  Guess I’ll have to squint! 😉

Ok, that’s it from me, it’s time to call it a night.

“It’s a night!” 😉