23 01 2009

It’s strange, it’s only now, 15 days since surgery, that some of the memories of what happened afterwards are starting to come back to me, now that the drug haze has lifted.

It’s quite an unusual feeling to have memories flood back.  Until recently I had no recollection at all that I’d done certain things, or that some people had visited.  Until last night and today that is.

I now recall being rather manic post surgery about Apple juice.  The nurse in the recovery ward offered me some, but it wasn’t forthcoming until I’d been moved to another area, by which stage I was kind of manic about it.  I want apple juice, she said I could have apple juice, where’s the apple juice.  Very funny in hindsight.  Especially given there’s still apple juice in the fridge at home because Mark stocked it for me.  The craving has obviously passed.  😉

But, you have to remember I’d not eaten or drunk anything for over 16 hours, so was kind of thirsty…

Also, a friend and ex coworker Linda was in town.  She arrived in Seattle the day of my surgery, so I was a little stressed that I wasn’t going to get to see her, but committed to seeing her on the Saturday (two days later) as long as she didn’t mind my being drugged out of my mind and potentially swollen.  I wasn’t swollen, or bruised, drugged I most definitely was.  Although I do remember making her and her husband a latte so apparently I still had some dexterity.  No recollection until recently, but dexterity I had.

Weird…  very weird.

Oh well, there you go.  Something to think about, and fill up a blog posting. 😉

G’night, and have a brilliant weekend.