Foot in mouth

24 01 2009

It’s been an interesting evening.  The day itself was pretty lazy.  We spent most of it lying on the couch watching television, then in the afternoon I went off to meet a friend to watch her son play soccer, then it was home again, and into Seattle to see Video Games Live, with Mark, Brad, Tom and Jeff.  The show and the concept is brilliant, the main host is a complete egomaniac.  The show in the second half becomes more about him than the actual Orchestra and Video Games that are advertised.  It’s almost offensive, if not painful to watch a grown man, trying to steal the spotlight from the main performers, along with four wardrobe changes.

You get the impression whether accurately or not that he wanted to be a rock star, but never had the opportunity, so now is straining to give himself the experience.  Only it’s ongoing.  We’ve experienced it twice, and I’m sure it’s the same at every show.  To quote our friends “it’s like you’re being held hostage in front of a very bad garage band”.

But, like I said, the actual show is brilliant, and worth seeing.  It’s just the host; Tommy Tallarico, who is would be more aptly known as “Tommy Tallar-ego”.

Moving on…

Post show, we met my friends Justin and Lisa who’d just finished seeing a movie, for coffee.  So much socialising in a single day, it was great. 

On the way out, we bumped into another friend, who shall remain nameless.   Anyway, this friend was out celebrating his birthday and rather enebriated.  More aptly, he was pissed.

As he stumbled out of the venue with his friends, Tom heard him comment on my top, “Christmas sweaters are out”.   Too funny, it’s not a Christmas sweater firstly, and secondly, he had no idea that the person wearing the top he’d criticized was someone he knew.  It’s like your parents tell you.  If you haven’t got anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.  I didn’t hear him of course, but when Tom relayed what had happened, I went over, and asked “what’s wrong with my Christmas sweater"?”  *laugh*

Hehehe, he was a little ashamed, but recovered nicely with a hug and greeting, then pointing out it was his birthday.

I got a good laugh out of it anyway.

Anyway, we’re home now, and it’s snowing.  Again!  So much for my mowing the lawn tomorrow.