Some good news!

26 01 2009

I met with my Surgeon today for my third checkup since the initial operation, and aside from his being unhappy because he’s a perfectionist, and apparently more impatient than I am (making him the perfect Surgeon for me), he’s very happy with the results of my Septoplasty and reconstructive Rhinoplasty. 

While I thought my nose looks fine, he told me it was swollen.  *laugh*  So I guess I’m going to have to wait for a final unveil as the days go by.
Happily though, he told me that I can return to full cardio activities effective immediately, but have to be aware that my nose is still healing and that I should avoid contact sports, or any other form of activity that may injure it.  This includes hugging from overzealous friends.  One got me the other day, it was an accident, but it certainly made my eyes water.

At approximately the six week mark, the bones and cartilage in my nose should have healed sufficiently to restore the original structural integrity and strength it had prior to surgery, and once the healing is fully complete I’m allowed to learn to scuba dive.  In fact according to Dr Lee, it’s actually safer for me to dive now, than it was pre-surgery as my nose was so badly blocked I’d never have been able to equalise on a dive.  Interesting…

So now I’m home, back to my thrice daily irrigations with a neti pot, massaging my nose to help reduce the swelling and just generally looking after myself. 

It’s back to the gym tomorrow, and back on the health and fitness wagon.  It’s going to be a busy year.