On a roll…

28 02 2009

Today’s been a bit of a full on fitness day.  After a brief sleep in… 7am, I got up, breakfasted, and hit the gym for an hour of cardio on the treadmill.  Just so you know I hated it, all of it, but did it anyway.

Then spent the day doing a few things around the house before going for a 10 mile bike ride with my friend Lisa.

I’m in awe of myself.  Shocked that I left the house in spandex bike clothes, but happy in myself that I did the ride.  Oh, and the bike clothing is worth any possible mortification, it’s comfortable, and importantly, it’s warm.

Now it’s time for dinner with my friends.

Have a great weekend!

On yer bike

27 02 2009

Well today was day 3 at the gym, and I survived, I even felt great afterwards, things are on the improve.  Quite possibly because I also took a couple of Tylenol before my session which kept my healing gums happy.  Previously they’ve throbbed in rhythm to my heartbeat as I’ve been working out.  Not too pleasant at all.

Most of the rest of the day was spent with my friend, the lovely Lisa who helped me purchase appropriate cold weather clothing for our pending bike ride tomorrow.  This is going to be my first outdoor bike ride of any decent distance since I bought my bike last year.  I’m tentative but excited all at the same time.  It should be fun.

I’m not so excited about the form fitting bike clothes, but hell, if they keep me warm I’m willing to deal with it.

So guess I’d better have an early night, get up early and maintain my bike, it’s not seen the outdoors for a few months, after being retired due to my having a herniated disk, followed by surgery, being out of the country, and wisdom teeth removal…  Never a dull moment.

Hmmm, you know, I do believe I’ve lost the tentativeness…  I’m looking forward to tomorrow it’ll be fun.


Well that’s new…

26 02 2009

The morning started off with a strange white glow coming through the blinds this morning.  Which could be considered unusual since I awoke at 5am.

No, it wasn’t an Alien vessel…  Although that’d certainly make for a unique blog entry.  Hmm, actually it mightn’t, I’m sure somewhere out there someone has blogged about an Alien visitation. 

I Google’d it.  They have, there’s dozens of entries.  So not so unique after all…

I digress.  The reason for the glow.  It’d had snowed quite heavily overnight.  Around 10cm of the stuff, and what ambient light there was at that time of the morning was bouncing off every glittering white crystal, straight into the house.

Snow or not, I was up, dressed and off to the gym, and let me tell you here and now, there’s nothing more sobering/awakening first thing in the morning, than standing outside in your gym gear clearing snow off the car so you can get to where you need to be.  Chilly!

Gym was good, I’m still sore from yesterday, but I got my cardio work out of the way, and stretched, all the while listening to my music playlist on my new phone.  I should mention, phone’s are not technically allowed in the gym, due mainly to the fact that these days nearly all of them have cameras and it’s a privacy issue.  So I was sort of conscious of the fact that I was bending the rules slightly, although camera or no, I was only there to use it for my own audio entertainment.  Imagine my surprise when during the end of my workout, while I was stretching, the music stopped, and the brief silence was interrupted with “Physical Therapy.  This is Lyn”.
It took me a few seconds to realise that I must have bumped my phone and inadvertently dialed her.  Lyn thought it was funny, I agree, except for my being slightly mortified that it was now blatantly apparent to anyone in the vicinity that I was on the phone.  Oops.  Of course noone probably cared but me.

Next up in the day, back to visit the Oral Surgeon for a post wisdom teeth removal.  It went well, he’s very happy, both with my home hygiene care of the craters from where my teeth used to be, and how fast I’m healing.  Apparently this is a very good sign for the “big op”.  The one I’m not looking forward to at the end of the whole dental adventure I embarked on last week.  This one’s the biggie.  Next step, in the very near future is braces, followed by Oral Surgery.

The big realisation I had at the end of this very quick visit was that last week pre-removal of my teeth, was the last time for a very long time that I’m going to be able to bite properly.  My chewing life is now going to be all about being mindful of teeth being relocated slowly (via the braces) in my mouth as everything is re-aligned, and sensitivities while this happens.  Joy and rapture!

While I’m not overly enthused about it, I’m also slightly exited about the final outcome.

Let the games begin! 😉

First day back…

25 02 2009

Not only was today the first day I’ve had without any pain killers post removal of my wisdom teeth, it was also my first day back at the gym in nearly 2 months.

In fact in the last two and a half years, that’s the longest I’ve gone without a workout, and man, did it feel like it.
Of course it was primarily due to recuperation post surgery, followed by being out of the country and then returning to have my wisdom teeth out that I’d been out of action.

Now I’m back, and the hard work begins again.  I’m sore right now, but it feels good.  I feel like I’ve achieved something today.

Oh, and I did, well yesterday and today.  I finally, for the first time in my life successfully made an omelet, I made the third one at lunch.  I’m so proud of myself.  *laugh*  Until yesterday I was a professional scrambler.  I’m not sure what the catalyst was, I just could suddenly make an omelet.  Until yesterday, they were the only thing I’ve ever attempted to cook that has failed.  Score one for me!

Hooroo, it’s bed time now.  Back to the gym in the morning.

You are!

24 02 2009

Childish antics are such a blast.  Not so long ago I blogged about being let down by someone, despite making numerous plans.

Taking into account that I’d also flown pretty much right around the world, had limited time available, and all social activity had been severely curbed due to my family being my top priority, a catch up was organised in advance.
On the actual evening, not two hours before the designated time I got a message online…  “I really don’t feel like socialising”.

Being the eternal optimist, I rescheduled, twice, again much the same response.

Admittedly, I could have let it go, could have just cut the cord, but figured I would say something.  So I did.  I thought about what I had to say, phrased it constructively, but got my point across.  In essence, I stated that I was disappointed.  Not an unfair or untrue statement.

Imagine a spoilt child lying on the ground, flailing their arms around, screaming out the tantrum of all tantrums.
That’s pretty much the response I got.  Apparently I was disrespectful and made them feel guilty.

Hello?!  You cancelled last minute, not me.  I don’t live around the corner.  You chose the date and time to catch up…

If you feel guilty, that’s because you should.  It’s deserved.  Get over it.

I have, now.  I’m the first to admit I’m not perfect, but it’s really nice once in a while to air a grievance, lay fault where it belongs and clear the air.
Unfortunately though, not everyone agrees.

The side note…  The person in question also managed to try a session of psycho analysis, character attack, and blame shift.   Such fun, all it did was make me feel better about my decision, and prove I was correct in my actions.

One less Christmas card I’m guessing, and one more vacancy for socialising on my next trip home.

I calling this one a win, and retrospectively aside from being educational, kind of funny.

Oh well! 😉

Departure of Royalty

23 02 2009

It’s a sad day for my friend Sanda and her husband Chris, their boy Humphrey, the biggest, fluffiest black kitty I’ve ever seen’s (aside from my parent’s late cat Gypsy) fight with Kidney Disease ended today.

The big fluffy kitty, who for many years I swore had no legs, as he was always regally curled up in a ball on Sanda’s couch, in the same position, EVERY time I visited, and I’ve visited MANY times is no longer with us.

But, Sanda and have come to the conclusion, that Humphrey, and Mulder, my own cat, are now patiently awaiting us to join them, of course after they’ve exchanged greetings and established that their parents know each other. 😉

I think I can safely speak for Sanda as well as myself when I say, we’re not in any hurry, but we’ll get there when we can.

The world is now short three of the loveliest, purriest, fluffiest, adoring’est, black kitties I ever had the pleasure to have known.  But our lives were all enriched for having had the opportunity to share time with them.

So I send out big virtual hugs to Sanda, Chris and their other furry children.  If I was there, they’d be real, I promise.

Humphrey, Mulder, Gypsy… you’re all in good company, and as Sanda said herself, when we finally join them, there’s going to be quite the furry welcoming committee.


Veils of BS

22 02 2009

Masses of it, layers and layers, acres and acres, and it just keeps weaving in on itself.  It never ceases to amaze me that when given the opportunity to be honest, or frank, that some people just open their mouth and spew forth untruths.

What’s more annoying is that they imagine that I’m stupid enough to not see through it, or to not catch them out.

Now I mightn’t have the world’s best memory, it’s certainly not photographic, but I can spot a discrepancy a mile off, and I’ll call you on it.  So don’t be surprised, and please, do yourself a favour, and don’t insult me by acting affronted, and horrified that your word would be called into question.

If I hear one more time “But I’m telling the truth this time…”, or “I mean it”, I really think I’ll just gag.

Really, a history of fiction, and previous (numerous) utterances of the above phrases, have rendered any possibility of them being believable in the future null and void.

It’s a shame that such childishness ruined what up until that point had been a good day.  Fortunately, I’m so adept at dealing with it (which is sad in itself), I still managed to enjoy my evening later on, it took some resolve on my part.

But, I’ve come to the realisation, the only person losing out in all of this, isn’t me.

I do believe I’m growing up, and in doing so, outgrowing some of those around me.

What is it they say…?

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Well shame on me, but I’m fixing that.

Tomorrow’s a new day.  Hooroo!

Drowning in Saline

21 02 2009

With all the irrigating of nasal passages and gaping oral spaces where wisdom teeth used to be, I swear I’m going to be a candidate for hypertension based purely on the amount of salt water I’m using.

At least I can honestly state I’m following all the instructions I’ve been given from my Doctors.

Squirting warm saline solution up one side of my nose and out the other, before alternating several times a day post septo-rhinoplasty, and now with the removal of my wisdom teeth, gargling with salt water, and then using a nifty syringe with a curved end to wash out the holes in my gums, it’s all happening.

It’s a complete production, and it’s truly amazing to realise just what you can harbour inside your body.

The whole nose rinsing thing alone is hilarious.  The process itself I’d recommend to anyone, the only drawback I had was that not all the water came out each time, apparently some of it was stored away inside my sinuses for inopportune leaks throughout the day.

Say…  I dropped my keys, bent over to get them and then a gush of salty water would run out of my nose.  Truly lovely.

Now with my teeth, I get to squirt little pieces of food out of the holes in my gums.  It’s a right treasure hunt.

Food for later, and something to wash it down with.

While I was back in Australia during the recent fires, we joked briefly that perhaps I should go up to the fire front and bend over and let my “Nose fount” douse the flames.  A bad taste joke yes, but…

Ok, that’s it from me, I’m rambling, I need to go reapply the ice packs, and settle in for the evening.

All the shenanigans aside, I’ve been really lucky, minimal discomfort, and no complications.  I’m really not complaining.  It’s all just blog fodder. 😉


Not so bad after all

20 02 2009

Well today’s the first day post wisdom teeth removal, and quite honestly it’s not too bad.  Although I’m making sure I follow all the instructions I’ve been given, about rinsing, irrigating, gargling, resting.  Especially the resting part.  Last time I broke that rule I ended up pretty ill.  I learnt that particular lesson.

So far the day has been spent drinking plenty of fluids, and applying icepacks to my face.  The discomfort is minor, in fact if not for the duality of the painkillers being anti-inflammatory, I’d not be taking them at all, and the swelling is pretty minimal.  I consider myself pretty fortunate.  Especially given the size of the teeth that were pulled, and I have them here with me.  ;)  Gotta love a memento.

Otherwise, it’s a beautiful day here.  Blue skies, sun, and warm enough that I can quite comfortably have the house windows open to get some fresh air through.

If it’s like this tomorrow and I’m still feeling good, I may even mow the lawns here for the first time, and since Mark doesn’t read this, he’ll get the shock of his life tomorrow when he’s handed a rake or a broom and instructed he’s helping. *evil laugh*


Drugged again…

19 02 2009

Well I’m not long home from having all four of my wisdom teeth removed, and ultimately it wasn’t an unpleasant experience.  General sedation, nitrous oxide, I barely felt a thing.  The last tooth I felt a little, but otherwise it was fine.
Better still all four teeth came out without problems, so there’s been no cutting, breaking etc.

It’s just going to be icepacks and pain management for a couple of days, and cool, liquid style foods.

So there you have it, one more step covered in the ongoing overhaul.

I’m off not though, it’s time to put an icepack on my face, and take a tablet, which means, my lucidity will be short lived.



I was only at the dentist for about 45 minutes today and all four teeth came out relatively quickly without complications.
Something I’m very happy about.  So now the healing begins.
Ice packs and pain meds are my new friends.  Won’t be long though and I’ll be back and bouncing around.