What a day!

4 02 2009

My first day back home got off to a super early start today.  Fortunately my parents version of early, doesn’t quite affect me as much as it does them.

It’s the one time that my being acclimatised to a completely different time zone is beneficial.  They woke up at 2am, came to see if I was awake, and I was.  Wide awake, and had been for a while, as in Seattle it’d have been 7am in the morning.

So I was up and running in moments.  Although I “hit the wall” in the afternoon, a combination of jetlag and a general lack of sleep in the past weeks caught up with me.  What started off as a quiet moment reading, saw me passed out on the bed stirring up a stack of ZZZ’s.

It’s still nice to be home, and the three of us (Mum, Dad and I) had coffee and a bite to eat at a cafe on the beach this morning to grab a moment back from the chaos that the day had been.  Aside from the flies… Argh!  I forgot how bad they were back here, there’s virtually none in Seattle, it was beautiful.  Blue skies, Summer heat, sparkling water, golden sand…  God I’m happy to be back in Australia!
Calling a piece of sand beside a fresh water lake a beach is so not accurate!  Sorry Seattle, that’s just wrong, and the salt water version I’ve seen isn’t a splash on here either.

Now it’s time to unwind, enjoy the air-conditioning and get some more reading in and just relax.

Down time…  Love it!



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4 02 2009

2 am, whatever for. That’s even too early for Sunrise.

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