Battle of Wills

5 02 2009

It’s been another busy and warm day today here in Melbourne.  The weather has been pretty spectacular, not too hot, with just the right amount of breeze.

We were up and out relatively early today, to do a few chores, and then back to babysit my nephew for a few hours while my sister was out having lunch with her friend Rachel whose birthday was today.  Happy Birthday Rachel!

Jack and I had fun, drawing on the pavement outside with ice blocks, playing with his toys, and him refusing to have a nap or a bottle.  Good times.

Since it’s warm Mum and I decided a cool bath might be nice for him.  So into the laundry trough he went where he splashed around having a grand old time, soaking me his Uncle, and admittedly I didn’t mind at all, and just generally enjoying himself.  Once it was time to get out though he wasn’t quite so impressed.  I learnt later that my sister and my parents usually just pull out the plug and let the water drain away, and he gets the idea.

I found a new method.  Throughout the bathing experience I’d been giving him sips of cold water from a cup as he was trying to drink the bath water.  Thirsty lil man.  When he refused to get out I poured a little stream down his back.

A fast intake of breath, arched back, and suddenly he grabbed my hands and stood up.  Mission accomplished.

Too funny, moments later, dry and dressed again it was off for a nice long nap.  For him, not me, although I did have one a little later when he went home.

Uncles need naps too sometimes.



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