I’m melting

7 02 2009

Well to say that today was a scorcher would be an understatement.  To say that I’m completely unaccustomed to such heat these days would be totally appropriate.

The forecast for today was for 43 degrees Celcius, it hit that and went straight past.  Some parts of Victoria got as far as 48.  Add to that gale force winds and numerous fires across the state, a large number of which were deliberately lit (WTF!??), and it’s been a pretty awful day.

Mum and I were babysitting my nephew today, so rather than spend the whole day locked up at home, we got up early, collected Jack and head to the local shopping centre to take advantage of the early cooler outdoor temperatures, and the shopping centres air conditioning.  That killed three hours, then it was back home.  Walking out of the shopping centre doors the heat was palpable and hit you like a wall, a big hot dry wall.  Poor little Jack hated it, so when we got him home we gave him a nice cool bath and tried to get him to sleep.

Fat chance!  Not only was he not in the mood for a sleep, he also wasn’t in the mood to drink his bottle either.  The kid may look like me (he got the good genes) but he got his mother’s stubborn streak (Love you Kate! hehe).

In the end we gave up, and decided it was time for all little boys to have a sleep.  Again, he wasn’t having it, so being the good Uncle that I am, I pulled him out of the crib, put him in a “headlock” (not really, but I was holding him), lay down on my own bed and sung to him until he went to sleep.  At which point we got the appropriate photos (Thanks Mum) and moved him back to his crib.  Since it was nap time, I went back to the bed and settled in.
I think I got 30 minutes, before the heat in the back room had Jack up and screaming and a very tired me, dragging him and myself back out into a cooler part of the house.

We eventually got him to eat something, drink his bottle, and then I played a game with him using ice blocks.  He’s teething, not drinking water, and being irritable, so I kept popping iceblocks in his mouth.  He loved it, it numbed his gums, and he was drinking the water as the iceblocks melted.  I’m clever I am.

That’s been about it, he’s since gone home.  The cool change hit, although it’s still quite warm outside, and we settled into watch Iron Man on DVD.  Unfortunately it turns out the disk is scratched so that idea got canned.

Doh!  My original plans were to go out, but they got cancelled last minute due to the other person “not feeling social”.  Hell, it’s not like I’m in the country all the time.  It’s been planned for days and I turned down 4 other offers.   Grrr!  Well, that person won’t be getting a Christmas card, and can quite frankly go jump. 

Otherwise, the evening has been pretty good.  Chillin’ at home with the ‘rents. 😉





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