7 days to go

8 02 2009

This trip is flying by.  This time next week I’ll have been in the air for over 3 hours already, and will be hoping that the next 12 hours go by as fast as possible.  I love being home, and I love travelling, it’s the sitting in a plane that drives me nuts.  I fidget when I have to sit for a few minutes in my own home where I can get up and do what I want, when I want.

Today, Sunday, has been in complete contrast to yesterday.  The hideous temperatures of the previous day gave way to much cooler ones, rain, and a sense of relief to all who experienced them.

It’s been a hot weekend.  The fires across the state, many of which were deliberately lit, have taken the lives of at least 25 people, a number predicted to increase as rescue crews re-enter burnt out areas.  A very sad day.

Those who lit them, when caught should be sent to jail for life.  They’ve not only murdered people, but flora and fauna too.  The idiocy is immeasurable.

That aside, we had a family day today, all of us in the car and off to a Market.  Not that we saw much, it was too wet, but we did go out for morning tea.  A nice respite from being trapped at home for Dad.

Now it’s the afternoon, and it’s a nice lazy one.   I think we’re going to see the end of last night’s movie, and then watch Kung Fu Panda, again for me, but first time for my parents.

Ok, best run, I’ve just been called to set the DVD player up.



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